Free printable self care and wellness trackers

Hi again everyone,

So I’m not sure about you, but every so often I get in a real rut with life. I go from being super hyped and excited to chase goals and feeling amazing, to struggling to get out of bed and refusing to leave the house because my confidence is so low, all within the same week. It’s at times like these were I usually get frustrated with myself – I feel like I’ve hit a wall either with my mental or physical health, and I want to PLAN TO CHANGE.

The only problem with my usual plans is I usually come up with ways to track progress that requires way too much effort, and then feel worse afterwards for giving up after a week. Everyone is tracking everything these days – calories, macros, steps, weight, measurements, moods – with hundreds of different apps to juggle. So I thought I’d do it the old fashioned way and make some printable self care and wellness trackers, where everything is all in one place and moods are easily comparable to daily activities or foods consumed.

Here’s what is included:

Page one: Self care planner

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 13.54.18.png

Here you can write down ways of self care that you would like to practice daily, weekly and monthly. For example, I’d like to get into the habit of meditating daily and drinking 2 litres of water daily. I’d like to have a face mask and exfoliate once a week, and once a month have a hair cut or get my nails done. This is for YOU to plan your treats and make sure you’re getting the self care you deserve!

Page two: Daily self care tracker

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 14.08.06.png

I’m looking forward to using this one – I think it’ll be a great tool to develop healthy habits. Some of my goals will be things like ‘morning run’, ‘waking up before 6.30am’, ‘meditation’, ‘no tech day’, ‘read for 1 hour’ and so on. Of course some things will prioritise over others, and the idea isn’t to do as many things as possible – but rather a good way to build on healthy habits and become more aware of how your activities influence your mood. Speaking of…

Page three: Health & mood tracker

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 13.56.43.png

For me personally, I’ll be tracking things like anxiety and bloating, low moods and PMS type symptoms. But anything you struggle with, write it down. You may find you see a positive change once you improve your nutrition and fitness, and be able to link good mood days to certain self care activities, foods or workouts.

Page four: Food & fitness tracker

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 13.59.38.png

Food and fitness is an important part of my life. I’m an active person and I’m generally healthy with my food. But again, this is for you to develop healthy habits. I’ll be tracking things like yoga practice, raw and whole food consumption, ‘treat’ food consumption, sugar consumption, training, stretching and so on.

PLEASE do not fall into the trap of feeling guilty if you begin to notice negative patterns in your trackers.

These are here to help you and make you more aware in a quick and easy way. If you start to feel guilt for breaking a 4 day yoga or healthy eating streak, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. It is to help and motivate you to develop and grow, and practice acts of self love and care. You cannot grow through self hate, so maybe have that as a goal – to start working on that negative voice in your head.

You don’t have to use them all of course – you may find that one is enough and you want to focus on one aspect of your well-being.

Regardless of how you use your trackers, I hope you find them useful and I’ve given you some inspiration. If you have any questions or suggestions for future resources, let me know. I’m considering coming up for one for IBS/food intolerance tracking. What do you guys think?

Don’t forget, if you print these out and use them don’t forget to share them on instagram and tag me so I can see: @mind_body_millie !

Download your free self care and wellness trackers here



Tips for possibly the best spring clean ever

Spring clean your mind

You’ve heard the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’, right?

You have no doubt realised at this stage in your life that the environment around you heavily influences how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is different –some people leave a house full of mess – yesterdays take away on the counter, clothes lying around the floor, and a suspicious gnawing sound behind the fridge – and are still on top of their game at work that day. I am not one of those people. If there’s one thing that seriously stresses me out, it’s mess.

So that got me to thinking – if I know that this stresses me out so much, why do I let myself buy more stuff to add to the mountain off stuff to create more stressful stuff?

You’ve probably heard of minimalism. Whether or not it’s something that’s appealed to you before, it’s become more popular recently as people are beginning to realise that ‘stuff’ simply doesn’t equate to happiness. On the contrary, the more ‘stuff’ you have, the more you have to clean, pay for, look after and worry about…

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about minimalism as some radical movement where you can’t buy anything except a bed and a fridge. It’s about buying things, and keeping things in your home, that add value to your life. It’s about buying less, but better stuff. If you’re an artist, I’m in no way suggesting you throw away all your paints and works of art because they ‘clutter’ a room – because they still add value to your life. But I would suggest, for example, that maybe 12 coffee mugs are more than enough for one person, so maybe clean out your cupboards…

A lot of people hang on to items because of their sentimental value. But think about it, and answer honestly here – if I were to ask you “what three things would you take to a desert island?” I’m guessing that for most people, none of those sentimental items wouldn’t be on that list.

It’s time to knuckle down and think about what really matters to you here. It can be so therapeutic to let go of some objects. As you clean, make sure you are consciously considering what matters, what you value and what you need to just….let go of. You can see how it starts benefiting you before you’ve even finished!

Depending on how much time you have to do this, you can make a little money for yourself by selling your items at boot fairs or online. If you’d rather just clean everything out and get it over with, I would really recommend taking anything you can to a charity/thrift shop, rather than throw it all away (if you haven’t already seen the documentary “The True Cost” on Netflix, please do! It’s so important we are more aware about ‘fast fashion’ and the impact on other cultures and our planet.)

Without further adieu, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to have…

The best spring clean of your life, ever (probably). 



  1. First things first – let’s start small. Clean out your handbag, gym kit, or any bag you may carry around on a daily basis.
  2. Next, take out all your clothes and have a pile on the bed. Have a pile for ‘clothes to keep’, ‘clothes to throw’ and ‘clothes to give away/sell’. Be BRUTAL here. Have you worn it in the last 6 months? If not, chuck it. Do you even like it? CHUCK IT!
  3. Go through your shoes. Which ones are old and worn? Throw them.
  4. Now your handbags, belts and accessories.
  5. Now your underwear and socks – and whilst your at it, pair your socks!
  6. Time for make up – if you don’t wear much anyway this will be easy – but if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months – get rid of it
  7. DVD’s – when was the last time you watched a DVD? This is the era of streaming, which means no clutter and easy Netflix binging. Win win!
  8. Books are always a little more sentimental – you’re either a hardback person or a kindle person. Again – if you’re a total bookworm and books add value to your life, by all means, keep them. But throw out any you haven’t read in years or haven’t yet gotten round to reading – because let’s be honest, you probably wont.
  9. Old magazines can be given to schools. Otherwise, recycle recycle recycle!
  10. Time for the kitchen – how many coffee mugs do you own? I’m guessing a lot.
  11. Bit’s and bobs draws – this one is tedious, it’s all about dead batteries, take away menus and unopened letters. Take photos of any letters you need to keep, shred the rest.
  12. Tupper–where-the-heck-is-the-lid? Time to go through and get rid of any old, cracked or stained tupperware and pair up your sets.
  13. Time for the bathroom – any beauty products that you haven’t used recently or even opened, throw/give them away. Old razors, mostly empty bottles of product – throw them out.
  14. Throw out any candles with little or no wax left.
  15. Are there any bits of décor that you’re just not keen on? Maybe you were given a frame or picture as a present? Maybe your throw pillows just don’t match your style anymore? Give them away.
  16. You will probably find hundreds of hair pins during this process. Keep them in a little jar or bag in the bathroom as and when you find them.
  17. Similarly for pens. You don’t need hundreds of pens, so I suggest you take some to a restaurant or café. Servers always need pens.



  1. Go through your phone and back up any important photos or texts. Then delete them all!
  2. Go through your inbox and unsubscribe from any annoying emails
  3. Chuck or sell any technology you no longer use. Now where was that ipod Nano?
  4. Collect any user manuals for technology/appliances/receipts, put them in a binder and keep them in a suitable place.
  5. Clean up your desktop/mac and change the background.
  6. Delete any unused apps that take up space on your phone



  1. Go through your friends list on social media and have a good clean out. Don’t feel bad here. If these people aren’t adding value to your life, then why do you need to keep on seeing their latest car/baby/wife/holiday/meal?
  2. Old birthday cards, photos, letters, gifts. These are the things that people struggle to throw away as they have sentimental value. But think about it. Most of the time, the value isn’t in the item itself, but in the memories attached to it. Take a photo if you want, but through them out.



  1. Go through your fridge and clean out any expired food.
  2. Thinking about it, your medicine cabinet probably still has cough medicine you used 4 years ago. In the bin it goes!
  3. If you have half used packets of fruit and vegetables lying around, get rid of the plastic wrappers/boxes. See how much space there is now?
  4. Check your recipe books – have you really used any in the past year? If there’re some recipes you like, take one or two pictures and give the books to charity.
  5. If you have packets of snacks like nuts, keep them in mason jars as opposed to piles of boxes in the cupboard. That looks nice too!
  6. Do you still use that fitbit/sports watch/sports shaker/yoga mat?


Yes, it’s a workout and a half – but you’ll feel refreshed, and a little lighter, afterwards. As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Next time you notice yourself keeping something for the sake of it, ask yourself whether it adds value to your life. Once you start curating an environment of self love and value, you will start to reap the benefits!

What are your tactics for clearing the clutter?

Losing my car crash virginity & trying to overcome a plateau

Good morning all,

God the title to this post sounds a little depressing doesn’t it…Haha! I’m a little behind on my week 6 update – I can’t believe I only have a couple of weeks left. Until this week I’ve enjoyed it, but this week has been tough as I feel like I haven’t made progress for a couple of weeks now, and it’s demotivating when that happens! More on that later…

But firstly – losing my car crash virginity. We were driving back from a work lunch in Oxford last Friday. It was about 5.30pm and we were on the motorway, listening to a movie review podcast, which I was actually really enjoying. You know in some cars you can get those devices that help you to park by beeping when your bumper or bonnet get too close to another car/object? Well, we were cruising along and suddenly my boss, the driver of the car, put on the brakes suddenly. We were almost at a stop and would have been fine – in fact he said he was about to say “sorry for braking so quickly”, when the van behind us went into us at practically full speed. I didn’t see anything, but the beeping. I remember the beeping. It just started and then suddenly got so much faster and I was just thinking ‘why’s it going so fast when we….’ and then SMASH. I didn’t see the van hit the back of us. Apparently he tried to stop but the “peddle got stuck” or something. We think he was probably on his phone. Anyway, I was in the back, and my colleagues were in the front. I don’t remember the exact moment I realised I was in a crash – my arms were over my head with my cardigan covering me before I fully comprehended what was happening – so I didn’t see anything, I just heard it all happening. I didn’t take the cardigan or arms from around my head until we had stopped. I remember holding my breath and thinking “ok this is happening. stay still. stay calm.” I was scared to come out from under my cardigan and see the others incase they were hurt, but they were both fine, thank god – both their airbags had popped and the dust still hadn’t settled. According to them we had been hit in the back and pushed into the car in front and then swerved and crashed into the barrier in the middle of the motorway. After checking we were all okay, I started noticing the damage to the car – there was shattered glass all over me and the back seat where the back windscreen had just completely shattered. I looked out behind us and there was car parts scattered across the road. Cars carried on going past but had slowed, gawping at the car and taking photos. A couple of other cars involved were stopped behind us. From there it all went pretty quickly – the police arrived and shut the road temporarily so we could move the car to the hard shoulder. The emergency services were great – arrived quickly, very professional and really nice people.

The power of the van coming into the back of us pushed us all forward and the seatbelt left a burn mark on my neck, and by falling back into the seat I landed on my lower back which, I didn’t feel properly until later that night (because adrenaline), was bruised and swollen and incredibly tender (and still is bruised and sore almost a week later).Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.28.13.png Have you ever tried taking a picture of your lower back? Not easy! This was taken the evening of the crash.

So we are very lucky that nobody was hurt badly – although the car had to be written off. In a way we were lucky it was such a new car – I’d have potentially had worse injuries in his older car, being in the back. I was glad to get home and get into bed that’s for sure!

In other news…

Here’s my week 6 photos – I took the progress photos the morning after the crash and I do think I was more bloated than normal because of stress. I felt uncomfortable and my back was in PAIN. But I think there’s still some good progress:

I did get a bit down about it all this week – yesterday and the day before. Just because I feel like I have plateaued and I was really frustrated. But I feel more positive today and just going to switch it up – workout and nutrition. My body is obviously getting used to what I am doing currently so I need to step it up a little!

So yes! Two more weeks and I’ll be done of the Mind Body Me challenge, but I will still carry on with eating well and working out 3-4 days a week. So far I’ve realised I’m intolerant to onions and possibly garlic – more so than having cheese. AHH!! LIIIIIFEEEE!!!!

Feel free to share any tips on how to overcome a plateau below!

Update – I’m still a tub tub, but a firmer tub tub

31 days to go! Or essentially 4 weeks. Here’s my progress so far:

Definitely some difference, and I’m not talking about the tan! Although I did feel bloated for those 2nd progress photos. I feel leaner today (4 days after taken). My weight fluctuates almost daily (not that I weigh myself every day, I just go by how I feel – bloated/water retention etc) and I seem to feel leaner during the week when I’m drinking regularly at work  and eating at regular times (x4/5 times a day). My weight went down pretty quickly for the first couple of weeks, then for the last two weeks or so it’s stayed relatively the same.

I’m not 100% sure whether abs are totally worth the total lack of any ‘soul food’ (as I like to call it) in my diet, but I definitely want to tone as much as possible! Get some murves going on!

It was horrible how bloated and tired I felt before. I actually almost feel ashamed to look at the old photos and post them. Since starting this I’ve determined that I’m definitely at least mildly intolerant to lactose, and also (randomly), onions. I’m pretty sure I’m mildly intolerant to almost everything but there you go!

I’m feeling really motivated recently too. I’m seeing progress with my arms and shoulders which I missed! And also my legs.

BUT my yoga practicing has really suffered – since starting weight training x4 times a week again, I’ve only done yoga maybe 2/3 times in the past month! So I’m going to start incorporating yoga into my week again, no matter what! 3-4 times a week! I’ve also really been neglecting cardio. Ugh, cardio! So I’ll be making sure I don’t skip that anymore.

I’m going climbing next week with one of my friends, it’ll be the first time I’ve tried it. I’m SO excited! I’m feeling inspired to try different things and ways of staying fit outside of the gym. I’ve been watching climbing videos and they’re all super fit – such good upper body strength! I really struggle with body weight exercises, my goal for this year is to be able to do pull ups and dips.

Any tips for a newbie climber?

In terms of my mind/soul – I’m feeling less anxious and tired, and more confident and motivated than I have for months. It’s a great feeling. The food I’ve been eating has been just as good for my mind and soul as it has been for my body.

90 days of (super duper) mind, body and me

A couple of summers ago, I decided I needed a bit of a lifestyle change. I decided that instead of trying to mindlessly follow some new diet or ‘fad’, I would learn all I could about what it meant to be healthy, and make as much a physical change I could, in 80 days. I didn’t look at the scales. I would only measure my progress by photos, and by my attitude towards myself (levels of self love). This led to a really positive change in my attitude towards life and what it meant to be healthy. Rather than restricting myself and then feeling temped with all the things I couldn’t do or eat, I’d look at all food I COULD eat and get excited about the idea of how healthy and good for me it was. Instead of seeing treats as a bad thing, I stuck to about an 80%/20% rule, and just decided that for the most part, I didn’t want to eat unhealthily anymore, and that a healthy change needed to come from self love and self respect, not from self hate.


As motivation and inspiration (or life) has it’s ups and downs, sometimes it’s impossible to stick to such a positive mentality for a super long period of time (especially with anxiety or any other mental health problems you may be facing). Since that summer, I have pretty much stuck to my 80% 20% rule of good vs ‘bad’ food, and worked out on and off – sometimes for 4 days a week for a few weeks at a time, and then go through phases of maybe one workout once or twice a month.

But I am a personal growth junkie. I like to think I’m quite healthy now, and I’ve been making improvements with becoming more mindful and trying to reduce my day-to-day anxiety.

After some thought over the past couple of days, I’ve decided that since the first one worked so well, I’ll do a similar challenge to before – a 90 day mind, body and soul challenge. So instead of just looking to improve my body image (that will just be a great added bonus) I want to become aware of my mind and the noise it creates, and become skilled in how I manage myself. I want to feel myself grow within myself – to become more mindful, effectively manage my anxiety, and develop skills to become more self-disciplined.

Some ways I’ll do this, are:

  • Exercise 4 days a week. I find exercise, especially weight training, really helps me relieve stress. Because I work at a desk for the most part of my day, I hold a lot of tension in my hips and shoulders.
  • Yoga.
  • Reading – reading about mindfulness, emotions, and just reading for pleasure
  • Creativity – prioritising painting, writing and reading over technology (and sticking with it even though I may feel impatient with myself for ‘not being creative enough’)
  • Tech-tox …spending little to no time online apart from at work and to write my blog (and the occasional Instagram post (follow me if you like! I use Insta mainly for watching other yogi’s flows or workouts for inspiration and posting about health/fitness/mindfulness)
  • Slowly move towards a largely plant based diet and experiment with more plant based foods and recipes ( I always suffer with bloating which really impacts my self confidence and makes me look about 4 months pregnant, so it will be nice to see the difference I feel by learning more about and sorting out my nutrition!)
  • Meditation

90 days from now is the 3rd June. I’m excited to track my progress – physically and mentally!

Has anyone else done anything similar to this? What do you do to unwind and focus on your well being?

Thanks for reading, till next time….xxxx

Week 3 with no phone (and I’m doing okay)


It feels a bit like forever since I’ve written. Couple of reasons for that – firstly, I’ve prioritised any time to Yoga (Namaste!). Secondly, my phone has completely broken and I had no easy access to my blog. At the end of a day sat at a desk, I kinda like coming home and doing some yoga or getting creative, rather than sitting down with my laptop to face another screen again.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss my phone. BUT at the same time, I’ve noticed I’m really in no rush to get it fixed. It broke about three weeks ago, and even though the bag was sent to me at the start of this week so I can send it off to them, it’s Friday tomorrow and I still haven’t made it a priority. I don’t miss it. I don’t miss the impulsive nature towards things that having a smartphone ‘makes’ me exhibit – feeling the need to have it nearby at all times, notifications that ping and buzz to distract me for another 10 minutes and make me feel important for about 2 seconds. Obsession about what I’ll be posting to attract more followers, what’s going on in the world that I might miss, about how I should ‘really take a photo of this for snapchat/instagram/facebook.’

I feel like my phone breaking gave me a bit of a detox I need to just step away from that obsession. Because it was an obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tech-free or avoiding social media. In fact I probably log into Facebook more now than I did before (before, Instagram was my main obsession!) because if people want to contact me it’s now it has to through Facebook or email. BUT now the apps I do have are on the iPad, and it’s at home, usually in one place most of the time. I don’t wake up and check my emails first thing, I don’t scroll through social media feeds for hours on my lunch break, I don’t stop talking to my friend over dinner to tag her in a Facebook post or take a Snapchat photo. I make a conscious decision every time I use tech now – there’s a reason behind my action, not just impulse stemmed from obsession, when we find ourselves just scrolling feeds for no real reason than something to do,  something to distract us from what’s going on (it’s the release of dopamine that makes social media use so addictive – the hormone release is linked to the rewards and pleasure centre of your brain, and you get a hit every time you hear a ping and see a like or a new follower. It’s highly addictive!). Even though I do still use social media, it’s now very little and if I want to talk to someone or share something now, I’m doing it mindfully, rather than wasting my day away looking at ‘whats going on in the world’, (but actually missing what’s going on in my world) and watching the lives of people I don’t actually ever really talk to (or even know!)

I can feel the change. In the first couple of days I felt naked without my phone whilst out and about (that moment of panic when you reach for your pocket and it isn’t there!) but there’s actually only been one time in the past 3 weeks where I thought, ‘Actually, having a phone right now would be pretty useful’, and that was when I was in London having to find my way from a meeting to a station. But I still managed it – by asking people for directions! (the good ol’ fashion talking to people!). Instead of looking down at the screen to guide me, I became more mindful in my walk, people watching, asking for directions, watching for signs. It was actually kinda nice. I’ve realised I’ve become less anxious in general without a phone – not only is the anxiety of losing it gone, the anxiety of everything that comes with having numerous social media profiles has subsided.

By week 3, the things I miss are my music and my camera! I will probably get it sent off tomorrow. Maybe. Might wait till Monday!

In other news – it’s a long weekend off for me and Simon! It’s finally SPRING, it was a beautiful day, and we went to Canterbury to do some shopping and have some lunch. We were only out about 4 hours but apparently that was more than enough for me – I came home and had an hour long nap! Basically, it was a great day off. And tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! 25, holy cow. I’m spending the day with Simon, and then we are having friends over in the evening and he’s cooking us all a lovely meal.Then we are off to Essex at the weekend!

Till next time folks – I want to write a yoga update within the next couple of days!

Get creative!


I love love love this quote! heart

I have such a huge fear of rejection and looking stupid to other people, and it really stops me from saying or doing the things I really feel I want to do.

This blog was my first attempt at making some of my creativity a little more public. I have always enjoyed art and writing, but always in private. I have a lot of dreams, thoughts and ideas floating around in this head, and I want to share them without being scared.

For a while the only ideas I got for this blog were ones that I thought other people wanted to hear. Because of that I lost a lot of my inspiration and found writing a blog a lot harder than I expected it. I know now that this was completely the wrong way to go about it.

Maybe I’ll actually make the above a New Years Resolution! I think it’s so important for a creative mind to feel free of restraints and conformity. So that’s what I’ll work on through 2016.

Another year of working on well-being and bringing back my creativity