The past couple of days have been great – Simon and I went rock climbing and then to a nearby forest for a walk. I love getting into nature and really just taking a step back from things. It’s been beautiful weather too, I love love love summer!

It was Simon’s first time bouldering. I love doing things like that with him, we always end up laughing so much, usually at each other…

I was a little more confident this time too so I feel like I enjoyed it more. My hands did not thank me afterwards though!

Here’s some snaps of the forest. That picture of Simon and me makes me cringe – we look like such an old couple, what even is that pose!?! Hahaha!

Also I just thought I’d like to report that I discovered a weird rash-like bruising after working out:


Which freaked me out at first as it didn’t disappear under pressure so I was low-key panicking like HOLY CRAP I’VE GOT MENINGITIS but the placing was too particular and almost the same on either side my chest/arm area. So after doing some trusty googling I discovered it’s called Petechiae. It’s actually fairly common and is basically bleeding under the skin, which can be caused by a variety of things such as sepsis, injuries or sunburns, and also by prolonged straining such as childbirth, or in my case, weight lifting. These, along with the seat belt mark on my neck, did make me look a bit bruised and broken for a couple of days but it didn’t hurt at all apart from just the normal muscle aches I’d have felt anyway.

I brought myself a new diary yesterday to track my food and bloating and hopefully figure out what it is that bloats me. I was even thinking of going vegan for a week or two to give my body a break from whatever it is that’s making me swell up. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel bloated all the time, but it’s enough to make me feel self conscious or worried about how unpredictable it is! Some days I wake up feeling super lean and by the time I go to bed my stomach has expanded a good 3 or 4 inches! It’s ridiculous!

ANYWHO. Does anyone have any usual intolerances that I might be unaware of? Or bloating home-remedies?



My top 10 Christmas films!

Merry Christmas Eve!

It’s my first day off work, and it’s been a perfect day spent at home with the love of my life. (I’m slowly converting him into a Christmas lover. 3 years ago when we were dating, he was such a scrooge. Last year, our first proper Christmas together, he had perked up a little bit, and the eye rolling had reduced. This year he’s just as excited as me for a family Christmas with food and presents. Mission accomplished!)

white spaceWe had a much needed lay in, and then decided to spend the day watching Christmas movies. Best.decision.ever.

I thought I would share my top 10 Christmas films, for those of you struggling with your cinematic choices over the holidays.

I’m a bit of an old soul with movies – nothing makes me happier than a good classic!

So, in no particular order…

1. Harry Potter

harry potter

Because Hogwarts at Christmas!!


2.Holiday Inn

holidAY inn 2

A classic Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. Highly recommended if you haven’t seen it – that good old fashioned humour and chasing of beautifully classy women!


3.It’s A Wonderful Life

its a wonderful life

This is quite a long film so it’s great for those lazy boxing day food-coma scenerios. We watched it today (Christmas Eve) and it just made my first day off even better. A classic, George is set to accomplish great things. He gives and gives, and one day when it all crumbles down around him, his guardian angel gives him a visit and reminds him, and the rest of us, what’s really important in life. Fabulous winter warmer.

4.Love actually

love actually

One of the more modern favourites of mine, this never fails to out me in the Christmas spirit and remind me how blessed I am!

5.Miracle on 34th Steet

miracle on 34th street

For me, I prefer the newest (1994) film, because it was always on at Christmas when I was growing up. Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic at Christmas!

6.White Christmas

White Christmas 2

A chance encounter of a sister act and a singer/dance duo make this Christmas film one of my all time favourites. Everything you’d expect from a classic – singing, dancing, friendship, romance and lots and lots of snow.

7.Muppet Christmas Carol

muppet christmas carol

This film reminds me of sitting on the sofa with my little sister, and my mum popping in and out of the room wanting to be busy but not being able to resist stopping and watching.

8. Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz

It may not seem like much of a Christmas film, and maybe it isn’t really. But from the age of about 15 I watched it every year at Christmas, and it always reminds me of being at home with my mum and sister.

9.  Home Alone

home alone

Definitely one of those feel good Christmas movies. Firstly, how amazing is their house at Christmas? Secondly, I so wanted to be able to have the house to myself and prank bad guys like that when I was a kid!



A fab contemporary Christmas comedy with a happy ending and positive moral to the story – celebrating the true meaning of Christmas!