Thoughts on winter well-being

Now it's getting colder and darker, instead of admitting defeat and setting up camp on the sofa for the next 4 months, I want to make the most of them!


It’s a journey not a race…end of the challenge update

Here's some 8 week progress photos, taken 27th May: And my Mind and body challenge actually ended on June 3rd, and I forgot to take photos! So I have a couple from this morning: I've noticed a slight improvement in my glutes too! I seem to be struggling to get into size 10 jeans now …

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Climbing practice

It's official...I have a new hobby – bouldering! I always have enjoyed scrambling along rocks but I've never tried indoor climbing before, and my friend Felicity is a bit of an enthusiast, both rock climbing and bouldering, so offered to take me along. It was so much fun, and although my hands were pretty blistered …

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My stressbusting tactics!

Everything gets a little overwhelming at times. Some lucky people can do a lot more than others and manage not to feel much, if any, anxiety or stress at all. Other people, like me, feel anxious and stressed over not very much at all! For that reason, it is good to have some stress or …

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