It’s a journey not a race…end of the challenge update

Here’s some 8 week progress photos, taken 27th May:

And my Mind and body challenge actually ended on June 3rd, and I forgot to take photos! So I have a couple from this morning:

I’ve noticed a slight improvement in my glutes too! I seem to be struggling to get into size 10 jeans now more than I did before, so think I’m getting thicker rather than thinner!

My bloating still gets me down – this morning I was a bit bloated still – I was flexing in the pic on the left! And by lunchtime there’s no hope in my body looking like that again for the rest of the day.

What I’ve been trying to remind myself of recently is that amazing changes don’t happen overnight. I always cringe when I see the words ‘fitness journey’, but in reality, it’s a journey. There’s no way around it. To build something really strong, emotionally and physically, takes years! So although I feel down sometimes I have to remember that this isn’t a race, and my mental health is just as important as – if not more important than – my physical health. Too often recently I’ve been caught up in the negative self talk towards myself, and have to catch myself. Right now i’m at the stage where I stop saying anything negative, but struggle to convincingly say anything positive. So I’m working on it!

Slow and steady. I’ll keep you updated!

Losing my car crash virginity & trying to overcome a plateau

Good morning all,

God the title to this post sounds a little depressing doesn’t it…Haha! I’m a little behind on my week 6 update – I can’t believe I only have a couple of weeks left. Until this week I’ve enjoyed it, but this week has been tough as I feel like I haven’t made progress for a couple of weeks now, and it’s demotivating when that happens! More on that later…

But firstly – losing my car crash virginity. We were driving back from a work lunch in Oxford last Friday. It was about 5.30pm and we were on the motorway, listening to a movie review podcast, which I was actually really enjoying. You know in some cars you can get those devices that help you to park by beeping when your bumper or bonnet get too close to another car/object? Well, we were cruising along and suddenly my boss, the driver of the car, put on the brakes suddenly. We were almost at a stop and would have been fine – in fact he said he was about to say “sorry for braking so quickly”, when the van behind us went into us at practically full speed. I didn’t see anything, but the beeping. I remember the beeping. It just started and then suddenly got so much faster and I was just thinking ‘why’s it going so fast when we….’ and then SMASH. I didn’t see the van hit the back of us. Apparently he tried to stop but the “peddle got stuck” or something. We think he was probably on his phone. Anyway, I was in the back, and my colleagues were in the front. I don’t remember the exact moment I realised I was in a crash – my arms were over my head with my cardigan covering me before I fully comprehended what was happening – so I didn’t see anything, I just heard it all happening. I didn’t take the cardigan or arms from around my head until we had stopped. I remember holding my breath and thinking “ok this is happening. stay still. stay calm.” I was scared to come out from under my cardigan and see the others incase they were hurt, but they were both fine, thank god – both their airbags had popped and the dust still hadn’t settled. According to them we had been hit in the back and pushed into the car in front and then swerved and crashed into the barrier in the middle of the motorway. After checking we were all okay, I started noticing the damage to the car – there was shattered glass all over me and the back seat where the back windscreen had just completely shattered. I looked out behind us and there was car parts scattered across the road. Cars carried on going past but had slowed, gawping at the car and taking photos. A couple of other cars involved were stopped behind us. From there it all went pretty quickly – the police arrived and shut the road temporarily so we could move the car to the hard shoulder. The emergency services were great – arrived quickly, very professional and really nice people.

The power of the van coming into the back of us pushed us all forward and the seatbelt left a burn mark on my neck, and by falling back into the seat I landed on my lower back which, I didn’t feel properly until later that night (because adrenaline), was bruised and swollen and incredibly tender (and still is bruised and sore almost a week later).Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.28.13.png Have you ever tried taking a picture of your lower back? Not easy! This was taken the evening of the crash.

So we are very lucky that nobody was hurt badly – although the car had to be written off. In a way we were lucky it was such a new car – I’d have potentially had worse injuries in his older car, being in the back. I was glad to get home and get into bed that’s for sure!

In other news…

Here’s my week 6 photos – I took the progress photos the morning after the crash and I do think I was more bloated than normal because of stress. I felt uncomfortable and my back was in PAIN. But I think there’s still some good progress:

I did get a bit down about it all this week – yesterday and the day before. Just because I feel like I have plateaued and I was really frustrated. But I feel more positive today and just going to switch it up – workout and nutrition. My body is obviously getting used to what I am doing currently so I need to step it up a little!

So yes! Two more weeks and I’ll be done of the Mind Body Me challenge, but I will still carry on with eating well and working out 3-4 days a week. So far I’ve realised I’m intolerant to onions and possibly garlic – more so than having cheese. AHH!! LIIIIIFEEEE!!!!

Feel free to share any tips on how to overcome a plateau below!

Happy International Women’s Day

We have made leaps and bounds, but we still have a long way to go.

‘Feminism’ has always been a bit of a ‘taboo.’ It’s something that scares and angers men, and has a variety of approaches among women and so often divides us. But generally, if you are a self-proclaimed feminist, you’re assumed to:

1) Be female (Definitely not true. I know many great male feminists)

giphy (2)

2) Hate men

3) Not shave your armpits, foo foo or legs and talk about periods endlessly (sometimes true – and no, I do not have a problem with saying vagina, VAGIIINAAAAaAAAa, see? I just prefer saying foo foo. Who wouldn’t)

4) Want to have a ‘career’, i.e. be considered a ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’ woman – or basically live a lifestyle or exhibit behaviours similar to your everyday stereotypical ‘man’. There are plenty of women from all sorts of backgrounds – mothers, teachers, cleaners, bakers and candlestick makers – who are both feminists whilst being some of the strongest women you may ever meet (your lifestyle choices do not necessarily define your beliefs, and/or shouldn’t determine your access to human rights and equality).

And lastly, it’s assumed that you don’t have, or embrace, your sexuality. That you’re against nudity and probably just have an entire undie draw full of beige cotton pieces. God forbid if a self-proclaimed feminist emerges in a low-cut top or short skirt, you know, demonstrating the right to her own choices, body and sexuality….

If she loves making love to her boyfriend, or heck – to multiple lovers, then SO BE IT. If she decides she likes the au naturel look, good for her! Surely the point of feminism, although a broad term and many women practice their equality and freedom through feminism differently, is that women should be respected and permitted to make their own decisions regarding their own lives and bodies. So whether you agree with another woman’s version of feminism or not, let it be. She’s owning it, as should you be (I know it’s a hell of a lot more complicated than that…But a girl can dream, huh?)

giphy (1).gif

For my entire life, I (and many of my friends) have encountered sexism first hand – and anybody who claims that men and women are ‘considered equal these days’ and that women ‘have nothing to moan about’ are deluded. I am a feminist. It would be stupid not to be – I am a woman after all. And I’m not ashamed of that!

I am proud to know many inspirational women. Here’s a couple of good quotes  I’ve come across today by Rupi Kaur:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 16.43.39.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 16.43.03


Anyway, this post was a little too political for my liking but I couldn’t not write anything!

So have a happy international women’s day, and ’till next time!